Here is a view of two panels as they look on the Photo Wall.

Legacy Etchings™ FAQ (from Legacy Design Group)

What are Legacy Etchings?

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, your image is etched on permanent colored stainless steel.

Legacy Etchings™ allows you to capture the celebration of your dreams and hopes and pass them along from one generation to the next.

We have developed a unique process that produces an art worthy image, that lasts a lifetime. Your image is digitized, manipulated, and then etched on permanent colored stainless steel. This can then be attached to a memorial for future generations to enjoy.

Legacy Etchings™ Benefits

High quality artwork, that lasts a life-time
Delivers a one-of-a-kind product
Generations can share life-long memories

Legacy Etchings™ Etching Process

 We start out with a digital image that is then manipulated to meet our high standards for this unique process. Our staff have vast experience in this area. They review each and every image, so that you received an image that is art-worthy of highest quality.

We have developed a process of back-etching (patent pending), whereby the applied color is removed and the original metallic stainless steel color is exposed. This contrast between the colored and metallic areas is what makes your images stand out.

Legacy Etchings™ Coloring Process

Permanently Colored Stainless Steel is produced by immersing finished stainless steel into a hot chemical solution. The chemical reaction increases the thickness of the chromium oxide, the protective film on the steel. Colors are produced as the film thickens. The oxide layer is hardened by means of this specially developed process giving it permanent color.

This permanent color has the life span equivalent to that of stainless steel itself!